BambinoLUK Early Learning Combo Pack with Starter Kit

BambinoLUK Early Learning Combo Pack with Starter Kit

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This Super Combo offers the most economic value including a complete collection of the bambinoLUK Brain Training system.
 It contains:
•bambinoLUK Early Learning - Visual Perception 1
•bambinoLUK Early Learning - Visual Perception 2
•bambinoLUK Early Learning - Concentration
•bambinoLUK Early Learning - Critical Thinking 1
•bambinoLUK Early Learning - Critical Thinking 2
•bambinoLUK Early Learning - Theme-Based Learning: Animals
•bambinoLUK Early Learning - Beginning Math
• Early Learning Series Starter Pack including: ◦bambinoLUK Controller
◦My First bambinoLUK Workbook
◦Parent Teacher Guide
◦Skills Chart

 This complete system provides essential learning activities and higher level thinking skills to complete children's intellectual development in the areas of memorization, concentration, visual perception, logical thinking, linguistic skills, and basic arithmetic.

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